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AquaBot: An Interactive System for Digital Water Play

Lijuan Liu, Cheng Yao, Yuyu Lin, Yang Chen, Ziyu Liu, Fangtian Ying

Publication: HCII 2019. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol 11587. Springer, Cham. DOI:

Skill: Prototyping (Arduino) and Functionality Test

Abstract. Water is a ubiquitous substance in everyday life and has been found in many cultures as a game medium. With advances in digital technology and computer-aided design, there is a great potential for water games which can create new interactive experiences for players. In this paper, we take an interest in digital games with physical water and propose AquaBot an interactive water game system. It includes an underwater robot and a wearable wristband. The robot can change existing states such as light, color, and movement, based on its interaction with players and the environment. The wearable device is used to control and interact with the robot. We test AquaBot system through two interactive scenarios, the results show that users’ feedback is positive and many of them are willing to experience in future water play. In addition, we discuss design factors of interaction with underwater robot from water environment, human and device. The intent of this paper is to inspire other researchers to explore and study digital water play and interaction with underwater robot.

Keywords: Digital Water Play, Interaction with Underwater Robot, Water Environment, Design Factor.

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