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Wall-Painting Robot: Gallery

iDraw: Wall Painting Robot for Multiple Wall Textures and Angles of Inclination

Yuyu Lin, Ye He, Zhuangtian Zhu, Ying Yang

Project: Wall-Climbing Robot, Outstanding Project of Zhejiang University Scientific Research Training Program

Skill: Robotics

Abstract. Wall painting has become an important way to create cultural and artistic atmosphere in the city. However, the wall painting operations are mainly manual, which leads to low efficiency, high error rate and potential danger. Existing mature facade robots on the market can only work on the glass or metal plane, which cannot meet the requirements of the adaptability of wall painting. Therefore, we develop a façade drawing robot, iDraw, which can move stably on the surfaces with different texture and inclination. We introduce four rounds of prototype iterations and performance tests of iDraw and propose an novel design of 3d printed split fan to produce enough positive pressure with lower vibration.

Wall-Painting Robot: Text
Wall-Painting Robot: Video
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