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IPANDA: A playful hybrid product for facilitating children’s wildlife conservation education

Yang Chen, Yuyu Lin, Junwu Wang, Lijuan Liu, Cheng Yao, Fangtian Ying


Publication: In Proceedings of CHI EA'19. DOI:

Skill: Arduino, Modular Design, Interface Design

Abstract. In this paper, we introduced the concept of a hybrid product which combines a digital game with physical experiences and discussed practical recommendations for hybrid product development in the domain of wildlife conservation for children. IPANDA including hardware and software applications with sensing technology was able to gather real-time environmental data and connected to one virtual wildlife experiencing environmental challenges regarding its living habits. Children who play the product can learn about the environment around them and foster wildlife protection awareness. To evaluate our conceptual system, we created a preliminary prototype and conducted user study within the semi-structured interview and Smileyometer. Our striking findings revealed IPANDA as a promising tool to serve as groundwork to encourage children to explore the physical environment and gain potential wildlife protection education.

Keyword: Hybrid product, Wildlife conservation, Sensing technology, Artificial pet, Children

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