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OlfacEnhancer: A Vision-Based Scented Necklace for Cross-Modal Interactions

Yuyu Lin, Kai Zheng, Jiahao Guo, Cheng Yao, Fangtian Ying

Publication: Design and Semantics of Form and Movement (DeSForM 2019). DOI: 10.21428/5395bc37.9450319d

Skills: Prototyping (Raspberry Pi), Machine Learning

Abstract. Visual and olfactory collaborations affect our living experiences. In this paper, we propose OlfacEnhancer, a pendant to augment real-world olfactory perception synchronizing visual information. We present the compact hardware design that can release seven different scents and the implementation of a computer-vision-based self-sufficient system, which includes automatic image capture and real-time object recognition. Besides, we discussed its validity in promoting healthy olfaction and pleasantness through a brief user study. Finally, we present the application possibilities of OlfacEnhancer in the future.

Keyword: Mobile Object Recognition, Cross-Modal Perception, Olfactory Interface

Cross-Modal Interaction: Video
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