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Design Project: Products

MOSIAC: Easy-to-built Toolkit for Customizable and Interactive Pixel Wall

Lu Ye, Yuyu Lin, Grace G G, Yujie Zheng, Jiaqi Wang, Wesley Ee, Tessa Goh


This project proposed an easy-to-build toolkit for fabricating dynamic, reconfigurable, and modular walls for customizable interactions in personal spaces. We developed 'plug-and-play' modules with a tri-state deformable tetrahedron structure and designing the potential deformation effects based on different input data (such as hand gestures or phone messages).

This design was released at the annual information product launch at Zhejiang University.


POLYCHROME: Rethink The Way We Read News by Visualizing The Emotions

Yuyu Lin, Tianke Li, Meiling Wu


News is the primary way to broaden our vision and build our connections with others. Today, it is not as difficult to get worldwide information as before, but sometimes we have no interest in the events that“have nothing to do with us". Regions differ, but we may stay in a comfortable and peaceful one. Therefore, we hope to get access to what others are experiencing and feeling. We designed Polychrome to encourage users to focus on international news through worldwide emotion visualization.

Second Prize in National Mobile Application Innovation Competition in China, 2017


AMADA: Make Your First Creative Attempt by "Printing" Your 3D Printer

Yuyu Lin


This design aims to cultivate storytelling skills and creativity for children at the age of 6-15 at home. Amada could trigger children to build a personalized toy factory by designing the components and decorations through ipad, as well as printing and fabricating them.

Outstanding Graduation Design Award
Exhibited in MakerFaire Hangzhou 2018

未标题-12_画板 1.jpg

ADAPSHOE: Keeping Healthy While Settling Yourself

Xin Liu, Pinhao Wang, Yizhou Liu, Yang Chen, Yuyu Lin


We created a reflexology shoe, which makes use of traditional Chinese medicine values of balancing the YIN and YANG in our body to keep well being. We pinpointed to 4 main acupressure points to stimulate on the sole of the feet. These 4 points represent different body parts respectively, which are the chest, diaphragm, digestive system, and pelvis.

IF Talent Award 2018

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