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Rethink The Way We Read News by Visualizing The Emotions

Yuyu Lin, Tianke Li, Meiling Wu

Second Prize in National Mobile Application Innovation Competition in China, 2017

Polychrome aims to encourage users to focus on international news through worldwide emotion visualization.
News is the primary way to broaden our vision and build our connections with others. Today, we can easily access information, but sometimes what we are exposed to is shaped by our search history and tastes. To move us past this algorithmic context, we hope to present news to every reader in a novel and unified way, helping readers get direct access to what others are experiencing and feeling. 

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The most crucial concept is to arouse the curiosity and empathy of the readers. We choose color. We select seven kinds of colors to stand for seven kinds of emotions. By changing the color of each region on the earth, readers will witness that some events have happened and change the major emotions of the local people.

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Focus Group Interview

We hope Polychrome could be the platform for those with a vision who want to know about the world by heart.

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Multi-modal UI Design

Using color to present calculated information, we also combined music to convey some feelings.

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